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Why Family Matters

Povery is impacting more and more families in the metro. Read our blog to see what we’re doing about it and hear from Danny, a local single dad who’s doing his best to provide a good life for his family.


Special thanks to our supporters for making 2019 a real “knockout” at our first charity boxing event Blue Collar Boxing where we raised $250,000 for our community!


Reflecting On An Outstanding Year

In 2019, we saw just how much strength, resilience and passion our community has. Thank you for supporting United Way of the Midlands!

Everything that happens at United Way begins and ends with YOU.

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A Look Inside: Working Families

Learnings From Our Most Recent Community Assessment Yoselin watched her father get shot when she was just two years old. Her mother worked hard to support their family, but things weren’t always...

6 things to know about 211

There’s always more to discover when it comes to the 211 Helpline. That’s why we sat down with our 211 staff to learn about the Helpline's history, new updates and who they helped in...

What’s 211?

What do you do when you need help? Ask a family member, friend, or even Google or Siri? What about when you need help with something that you'd like to keep to yourself? Or, when you...

Blue Collar Boxing

An Idea Was Born   When Mike McDonnell, President of the Omaha Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, first came to our CEO and President, Shawna Forsberg, with the idea for Blue Collar Boxing, she didn’t...

Reflecting On 2019

Dear United Way of the Midlands Supporters, Here at United Way of the Midlands, we continuously reflect upon the meaning of the word “united.” We know the success of our work is tied to...

GOOD on the Go

Hot off the presses from United Way of the Midlands: GOOD on the Go! GOOD on the Go is a new kind of volunteer opportunity, one where our team brings a fulfilling and impactful project straight to...

A Look Inside: Why Family Matters

Learnings from our Most Recent Community Assessment In the midst of the holiday season, many people spend time reflecting on what they are grateful for. And for many, their family rises...

A Look Inside: Behavioral Health

Learnings from our Most Recent Community Assessment Jack was a shy, quiet high school freshman who enjoyed playing Xbox, writing stories and learning random facts. He was a good student,...

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